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10 Important Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Professional

A common line in the real estate industry is that “buyers’ agents are free.” “Don’t worry,” salespersons say, “you don’t have to pay a thing for me to represent you.” While it is certainly true that the seller is typically responsible for compensating the agents that help sell their home, the quality of the agent […]


7 Tips To Sell Your Home Fast for the Most Money

Selling your home can be stressful. There is a lot to do and a lot of money on the line. It is important that you have a good strategy in place and a clear understanding of how you want the process to play out. Regardless of your strategy, chances are that once your home hits […]


Do I Need a Realtor to Buy a House?

No Realtor Required First of all, I am not a fan of the terms “Realtor” or “real estate salesperson.” I do not like how they are perceived by the general public, and I do not like the sales mindset of those individuals who conduct their business as such. I do not consider this profession a […]

Getting Pre-Approved: The Critical First Step of the Home Buying Process

What happens when you walk into a restaurant and, after placing your order, you reach down and realize that you don’t have any money? You’re not going to get your food, right? Well, the same thing is true for buying a home. Without the money to buy the home, you can’t buy it. This is […]

Important Things to Know as a First Time Homebuyer

Are you a first time home buyer? Starting out on the home-buying journey for the first time can be confusing, and sometimes downright overwhelming. When working with first-time homebuyers, I am often met with similar types of questions, many involving getting started or just navigating the process of securing a mortgage. Buying your first home […]

Is It Worth Remodeling My Home to Sell?

One of the most common ways home sellers miss out on value is by not preparing their home before attempting to sell. Buyers nowadays are very picky about certain aspects of homes that relate to you as a home seller getting top dollar. If too many of those features are outdated or damaged, it will […]


The Basics of the Home Buying Process

You’ve spent years working hard, saving your money, and preparing to purchase a new home – now you’re ready to go. Here are the very basic steps of the home buying process: Step 1: Figure out How Much You Can Afford To find the right mortgage lender, make sure to find someone that you are […]

What is “Buyer Beware?”

All too often, it’s the shiny features of a home that catch our eye – the quartz countertops and stainless-steel appliances, the gleaming hardwood floors, and glass-enclosed showers… Don’t get me wrong, those are certainly desirable features of a new home; however, there is much more to a house than meets the eye. Less exciting […]

When to Walk Away: How to Void Real Estate Contracts

You cannot void a real estate contract for any reason; it must be done within a section or addendum of the sales contract that allows the buyer to do so. Any execution of a void outside of what the contract allows the buyer to do is considered default. If the buyer defaults on the contract, […]

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